Gallos is the third mission in Settlers 6. In this mission, the rulers of Gallos have died due to a plague and a Baron has taken over the land, who oppresses his settlers.


  • An enemy town/city
  • Kestral
  • Capturing carts
  • Sheep
  • Battling Rams (used by the enemy, only usable through capturing)


  • The unreachable harbor's name is the same as the faction you are at war with.
    • You can reach it by seizing the Baron's battling ram for yourself.
  • The player is able to pay the taxes for the villages and capture the cart immediately after it takes off.
  • If the territory outside of the harbor is sealed, the cart will stay inside the Baron's city forever, even after taking down the wall.
    • The cart will stay in the harbor forever if the route to the city is blocked as well.
    • The cart will also stay still if both paths are blocked enroute to the harbor or the city.