The Kingdom of Westerlin is the player faction from the game The Settlers 6: Rise of an Empire


The Kingdom of Westerlin has laid claim to all of the continent of Westerlin from it's capital in Vestholm, southern Westerlin where the land is green and the forest dominates all and any landscapes. In the cold north, in the Northern Reaches the climate is harsh unlike the southern parts and the citizens always fear seafaring barbarians from the north.


The history of the kingdom is filled with tales of wise and good kings and queens that were honored by their people and the knights who accompanied them and went on given quests. The kingdom itself has always been the prominent faction in the known world, unmatched by the barbarians of the north or the people of the sandy lands in the far south. Only a few times have the state of the kingdom been feared, such as during the tyranny of the Red Prince, however even then, a heroic king emerged who led his people to victory in his campaign against the tyrannic prince.