Bandits 1
Bandits are recurring enemies in Settlers 6. They appear with either a few tents, or with a few tents and a camp. If they have a camp, they will bring anything looted to it. If not, they will stay guarded on the carts forever until killed. They appear in groups of 3 soldiers. There are both bowmen and swordsmen included in every bandit type. They will sell battalions of swordsmen and bowmen when friended, which can be achieved through tribute. The soldiers that have the same appearance as bandits but work for you or any other town/village/city are called mercenaries.


In temperate areas, the default bandits are there (the ones in Vestholm).

In deserts, there will be desert raiders.

In cold areas (and in Challia), there will be vikings.

In dry areas, there will be robbers.

In jungle maps, there will be tomb raiders. (Eastern Realm)

Appearances Edit

In Vestholm, bandits steal a shipment of stone from the Royal City of Vestholm. Later, two battalions of swordsmen attack your settlement after you are promoted to Sheriff. Note that the diplomacy screen for them shows a red screen instead of the bandit icon.

In Challia, Vikings are first seen attacking a village with 1 battalion (3 units). Later, they will invade your settlement two times but are neutral the second time due to you building a wall. Later, they burn down every building but the chapel at the Rhian Over the Sea Chapel. This is a scripted attack and you cannot attack the vikings due to them being neutral to you. These vikings do not appear in the diplomacy menu.

In Gallos, Kestral and her bandits can protect you and the villages if they are given gold.

In Narfang, Crimson Sabatt is mentioned to misguide some vikings into attacking and raiding settlements.

In Drengir, all settlements have viking patrols. Thordal. At the end of the mission, vikings help you destroy Crimson Sabatt's Outpost.

In Rekkyr, viking settlements rely on you to support them.

In Geth, the is a bandit faction with tents spread across the map. You must free a person the bandits have captured in a prison cage.

In Seydir, the head of the vikings allies with the person who accomplishes the most tasks.

In Juahar, there are desert raider camps.

In Tios, there are 4 bandit camps that will always capture the tournament guests unless you do something about it.


  • In Gueranna, the bandits are not aggressive to Crimson Sabatt.
  • Neither are they to the Red Prince in Rossotorres.
    • However in Setters 6: Eastern Realm, Khana's troops do not get along with the bandits and will attack on sight.
  • Bandits can capture Siege Engines if they attack units on the engine. When they do however, they will not do anything with it since their AI presumably is not advanced enough to attack city walls even though bandits can threaten you by saying "We shall see your city burn".
  • Bandits will not go far from their camp or tent to go after a knight or building in their enemies' territory.
  • However, they will if there are troops near them in another territory.
  • Bandits will continuously attack your Outpost and any other building in their territory if they have tents/camps in your territory.
  • Therefore, camps and tents can replenish torches.
  • Bandits should only sell mercenaries. However, in Vestholm, they can sell stone and wood, although the will always be undecided, similar to the Monk in Mission 1: Vestholm.